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you may need a jacket, sweat shirt, hoodie, whatever to keep the chill off of you. tomorrow morning some of you may need the middle weight jackets. it's going to get chilly tonight. this morning -- that's right, mike. break it out. 68 degrees with sunshine at noon. this afternoon high about 72 with a 5:00 temperature of 70. right now we've got clouds and 63. the big storms came through yesterday afternoon and evening to our east. they're now off shore. but behind it, we've got some clouds. just a couple of sprinkles coming out of richmond here in toward the northern neck, over towards southern maryland. you can see it from colonial beach, crossing over toward around leonardtown. then areas near lusby in calvert county. watch out for a few light showers out there early. temperatures as you step out the door low to mid-60s south and east. out to the west in the shenandoah valley, we have temps in the middle 50s.
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let's go to monika samtani. this whacky wednesday morning. she's got your timesaver traffic. thank so you much. if you're planning to head around town, i'm going to say nothing's weeky about it luck -- whacky about it lucky. from woodbridge to the owk quan river -- occoquan river, all your lanes are open. let's take a live look into the downtown area across pennsylvania avenue. no issues here. near the willard hotel. nonavenue near wheeler, you want to watch out for police activity. that will be shut down in both directions throughout the morning rush hour. so plan accordingly there. let's go back over to our maps. this time all the way to northern montgomery county coming in from rockville on 270. burtonsville route 29. the beltway as you travel through silver spring into bah these today, all lanes are open -- into bethesda, all lanes are open. and the west side of town same story. lanes are open. more coming up at 5:09.
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>> thanks, monika. the stormy weather cleared out. >> but there are spots of serious damage scattered around the d.c. area. 9news now reporter kristin fisher is live with more where she had a surprise drop-in at that home. >> reporter: that's right. this neighborhood in cheverly was really one of the hardest hit in yesterday's storms. lots of trees down all over the place. probably one of the biggest right here. just look at how huge it is. tree row muscle crews -- tree removal crews were working through the night to clear this away. they still have a lot more work to do this morning. this tree just slammed into this home yesterday afternoon sheering off the porch. nobody was hurt but the woman that lives here was home at the time. she was actually in the bathroom about to move to a secure location when she heard this huge boom in her bedroom. she says it just happened so fast. one second the storms were moving in. the next a 3 to 4-ton tree
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crushed her bed and destroyed the front porch. >> pretty shaken up. pretty much shaken up. you never know if it's a bomb or a tornado is coming through. you never know. it's a life-threatening experience and i'm just
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. our time 15:14. howard is here. >> the coffee warm yet?
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>> yes. >> we spoke quite a few times about the weather threat that was moving in our direction. thankfully, you know, it's gone now. it did do some damage. had some trees down in a few spots. saw ken molestina's story a little earlier. that is all gone. 're going to have a few quiet days. a little hiccup over the weekend. here's a look at the bus stop forecast. i think you'll need to bundle up as we have readings in the 50s. there's a breeze out there. a chill in the air but a drier breeze, too. we're drying out. a couple of sprinkles down in southern maryland the next couple of hours the sunrise, 6:54 is when we'll see that. our day planner looking for partly to mostly sunny day. 68 by noon. north winds 10 to 15 this morning. becoming a little lighter this afternoon. we'll hit a high of 72. maybe 3:30 or so. by 5:00 we'll be back down to 70. if you're going to the nats game, the first game starts at 4:00. it will be 70. the evening game, definitely bring a jacket as temperatures will be falling down through the 60s. this morning you see the
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sprinkles. these are the storms from yesterday well off shore now t the sprinkles across the northern neck, across southern maryland as this is lifting northward toward newland and leonardtown and lusby, prince frederick and easton. denton and cambridge. you'll see this over the next one to two hours. the rest of us will start to see clearing the next few hours. 57 currently in gaithersburg. that's one of our cooler spots. lots of upper 50s in fairfax county. 60 in sterling. 62 in alexandria and college park this morning at 63 degrees. outside on our michael & son weather cam, tough to see the clouds because it's dark. we have a dry streak on wisconsin avenue. good visibility and 63 degrees. dew points are dropping now down in the low 50s thanks to the winds and humidity at 65%. the drier air is moving n. another storm system in central canada. there are these clouds diving southeast. that's a cool push. there are a couple of sprinkles with it in north dakota and
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minnesota but a cooler, drier push will be with us for the next few days as we kick the showers and storms away from the region. looking at the forecast, becoming partly to mostly sunny today with a high of 72. breezy, northwest winds 10 to 15. mid-50s tonight in town with 40s, low to mid-40s in the outer suburbs. tomorrow a great day 78 with light winds turning to the south at about 5. a pleasant friday, 81. over the weekend chance of a shower. tough to tell on the timing of this front. could be late saturday, may hold off till sunday. sunday looks cooler. so does monday with highs by then only in the upper 60s. 5:17. here's monika with your timesaver traffic. >> overall generally speaking, things aren't too bad. i did let you know about that accident on the westbound side of little river turnpike right at the beltway. you want to be aware it's blocked on the westbound side for the time being. eastbound is not affected by that accident. it's a single vehicle accident by the way. coming in on the dulles toll road from the airport, sterling all the way to the beltway
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you're fine. no problems on 66 right now. let's take a live look close to the beltway. here's what it looks like in vienna at the metro station. it's nice and light here heading for the beltway and beyond toward the roosevelt bridge. let's go back over to our maps to the other side of town. i've been telling you since early this morning about police activity blocking southern avenue here at wheeler. you'll have to follow police direction or just choose an alternate route to get around it. beltway is fine as you travel through the prince george's county area. in fact, let's take a live look trying to get into downtown using the 14th street bridge across the river here. you're going to be final. i'll be back -- be fine. i'll be back with more in a few minutes. several members of the nationals could be taking home some individual awards at the end of the season. >> alex ovechkin plans to make plans with another team just in case the nhl is locked out. now a question of the day once again. what do you think is the number one modern convenience people say they just can't live without or would be the hardest
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for them. a, a cell phone, b, the remote control or c, the microwave? >> here's a look at the response spoased on the -- posted on the wusa9 facebook page by lauren. she writes imgoing to go out on a limb and say the remote control. hardly anything works without one. >> we'll have the answer in the 6:00 show. >> if you give the right answer, you'll have a chance to win one of these, a $50 mobile exon gas card. yesterday's winner was karen. one winner will be randomly chosen every day until friday. we're going to give every one so get involved. >> we'll be right back.
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your weather first on this wednesday morning. skies turning to partly cloudy back in fauquier county. look at this. by 9:00 there go the clouds and the sprinkles. we're sunny but cool, 62. lunch time temperatures 65 to about 70. then this afternoon we're only looking at highs in the low 70s. but a little bit of a breeze. much better than yesterday. andrea and mike? >> thank you, howard. the orioles west coast game didn't wrap up till just over an hour ago. baltimore scored two runs in the top of the 18th inning. and went on to beat seattle 4- 2. >> that victory puts the or equals back into a first place -- orioles back into a first place tie with the yankees.
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good morning, everybody. the nationals got an unexpected day off yesterday. their series opener against the dodgers was postponed because of rain. the two sides will play a doubleheader today starting at 4:05. the nats can clinch a playoff spot by sweeping today's game as the mlb season heads into the final two weeks. now time to start looking at the post-season honors. davey johnson has proven he deserves to be manager of the year since taking over june of last year, he's turned this ball club into one of the league's best. >> i think he does a great job at trusting us and, you know, puts us out there and doesn't second-guess us. he's going to be our biggest -- he'll back us up and trust us to do what we do. i think that's one of the reasons why we've been so successful. >> the word cy young award has been thrown around with gio
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gonzalez. 19 wins, 96 strikeouts and 2.95era. bryce harper making a case for rookie of the year, .263 batting average, 13 stolen bases. and adam la roche also with stellar play at first place. alex ovechkin thinks the nhl lockout could last all season and so he like many of his colleagues are making other plans. he's looking at playing dynamo moscow. he played with them several years before coming to the nhl. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristen berset. have a great wednesday. as last night's storms clear out, some neighborhoods have lots of damage to clean up today. that story is still ahead. >> look at this. we will tell you where a photographer was able to capture this amazing video of a fire tornado. you don't want to miss this.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. >> i was looking for something i had up here. we'll figure it out. >> thanks for joining us. >> we'll get it together any minute now. all of us now. i'm mike hydeck. good morning. >> or not glul' enjoy -- or not. >> you'll enjoy watching the train wreck which is our morning show. this is cool video i wanted to show you. >> it is awesome. >> this is from central australia. this is fire video. what happens with fires, they get so hot and draw air from the outside and spin. you get these fire tornadoes. this is kind of neat. this is a film maker here, central australia, was able to capture this. this usually lasts a couple of
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minutes. the photographer who followed this, he followed this fire tornado for half an hour. >> they study these at the university of maryland and they can create a small one and they can create a ten-foot one. they studied the properties for it for insurance companies. >> this is why when there are fires, they have their own environments. they can create their own environments. this is -- you can imagine the flamethrower type of effect that a wildfire can have in a situation when they develop like this. >> great video. let's talk about our weather. we have much more tranquil conditions here this morning. we're looking far, far better. our day planner upper 60s by noon. boy, it's going to be a much nicer day with low 70s for a high and a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 70 degrees. air quality is good. sunrise not until 6:54. had some showers and storms yesterday. a little bit of an understatement. we had so many reports of flash flooding, thunderstorm wind
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damage. even one funnel cloud in culpeper. all of that is east of us. a couple of sprinkles in the northern neck and also southern maryland. spoke to bill in newland. they had a couple of light sprinkles. from leonardtown north of solomons if it holds together trying to cross the bay. temperatures low to mid-60s south and east of town but north and west we're dropping into the 50s. even 40s in the mountains. grab a jacket. 5:30. here comes monika samtani with timesaver traffic. one benefit of the rain is the lack of construction overnight. >> that's right. that is a big benefit. if you are planning to head around town and the rain is out of here, the roads are fine as well. no construction to deal with. there is police activity on southern avenue at wheeler. you want to watch out for that this morning. other than that, i think your major thoroughfares are really doing well. i'm happy to say the beltway looks great. outer loop side as you head around the bend from silver spring toward bethesda and 270. we'll take a live look near georgia avenue. here's what it looks like on the beltway. both loops running well. back over to our maps this time
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to the other side of town. northbound 95 is incident free. live in the downtown area, pennsylvania avenue also looking good here at the willard hotel. i'll be back with more coming up at 5:38. >> we'll see you then. the mid-atlantic just starting to dry out now. the storms were pretty fierce in some places. >> around philadelphia nighttime commuters drove their cars on to the median in some places to avoid the deepest water on the road. one driver wasn't so lucky. he was stopped when a large tree branch came crashing through his back window. despite all the calls for help, authorities say only a couple of firefighters suffered any injuries. flood waters blocked access to some homes on millers island east of baltimore. emergency crews were already dealing with half a foot of standing water on some streets and it got worse after dark since high tide was at 10:00 p.m. now the worst of the flash flooding has receded. well, there is indeed some good news after these storms. the bloomingdale neighborhood in northwest d.c., one of the usual suspects for flooding,
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the community along rhode island avenue, flooded out already four times during big storms this year. city crews, though, cleaned out the sewers, delivered some sandbags and that helped avoid any serious damage during these storms last night. 9news now reporter kristin fiver is live in cheverly with some people who were not so lucky. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, mike. overall the storm damage from yesterday's storms relatively minor. but not here. the storm damage very major. the homeowner has been forced to leave her home and here's why. she's got a tarp covering her roof after a tree smashed through it. she's dealing with some pretty substantial structural damage to her home which is over a hundred years old. check out the porch. it is literally been sheared off from side of this house all because of this tree right over here. tree removal crews tried to get rid of it yesterday but there was too much stuff. they're going to have to come
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back later today and get it all out and there were trees down all over the area. this one of the worst but, you know, it was really also the drivers that had to deal with a lot during yesterday's storms. take a look at this video of what it was like driving on the road at the worst part of it. there were high winds, heavy downpours, lots of flash flooding, especially in the city of frederick and lots of trees down all over the area, especially in prince george's county and fret dick county. -- frederick county. there was one serious car accident in derwood. two people injured. we're not totally sure about their conditions at this point in time but it was a pretty serious accident. so we're hoping they're okay this morning. we're also very grateful that the woman here in this home is okay. take a listen to what she had so say. >> people need to be aware that when these storms come through, take notice if the wind is blowing rapidly.
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go to the lowest level of the home, just for safety. that's what i was on my way to do. but unfortunately it got to me before i got to the bottom of the stairs. >> reporter: that woman was actually in the bathroom about to move to a secure location which she heard the huge boom. she said it happened so fast. one second the storm had just started to move n. the next second she has this huge tree all the way through her bedroom. she says this morning she is just lucky to be alive. close call. >> you are not kidding. imagine the noise that must have made when your whole roof is crunching in. thanks, kristin live in cheverly this morning. the circuit court in richmond is going to hear a lawsuit challenging lethal injection in virginia. a pair of alexandria lawyers filed this suit earlier this year, and they claim virginia executioners are illegally practicing medicine, pharmacy and anesthesiology without licenses. the department of corrections
5:35 am
counters that since the purpose is for an execution to end a life. they say it's not a medical procedure. thought we were out of the woods. a forecast for fewer stink bugs this year is now changing. it appears they're about to launch a new invasion. experts say stink bug numbers were actually down earlier this year from the year before, but as temperatures started to rise, so did their numbers. now that the numbers of stink bugs have built up in area farms and gardens, it's about to get colder and that temperature will drive them into buildings looking for heat instead. >> like our house. 5:35. time for another your money report now. >> jessica doyle is back with a big hiring blitz you call it. >> i've got the heebie jeeb byes looking at those videos. let's talk about something upbeat. more than 52,000 holiday employees are planned to be hired for kohl's, up 10% from
5:36 am
last year. the hiring plan works out to be 41 employees per store. kohl's plans to fill the jobs by mid november. lots of eyes on apple today. shares closed above $700 a share for the first time ever hitting an all time high and giving the company a market value of $650 billion. the stock up more than 70% since january. if only we'd invested in apple in january. the last boost coming from record demand for the iphone 5. it hit stores on friday. still it's technically summer but not too soon to think about what the skid doughs -- kiddos want for the holidays. toys 'r' us has come out with its annual hot toy list. it includes tablets for kids, fashion dogs in the likeness of boy band sensation one direction and retrohits like teenage mutant ninja turtles and furby is back.
5:37 am
>> makes me laugh. >> they chirp at you. one direction, if they would take the old backstreet boys dolls and put new clothes on them. >> and gel the hair in a different way. >> you're dating yourself. >> i know. >> jessica will be back in a couple of minutes to unveil wednesday's daily deals. she says she has some really good ones for us today. still ahead, it is back to the normal school routine for chicago students today after the end of the teachers strike there.
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welcome back of the your weather first. 5:39 on this wednesday morning. a lot more comfortable than yesterday. the air is drying out. it's going to be a cool, brink rveg fall like -- brisk, fall like day. skies will become partly to mostly sunny. still some clouds. even a sprinkle in southern
5:40 am
maryland. temperatures by lunch time around 68. high today only around 72 with a drive home temperature of 70 degrees. i'll be inside in a few minutes and talk seven-day forecast. right now here's monika. she's talking timesaver traffic. thank you so much, howard. if you're planning to head around town right now, on the inbound side of i-66 everything looks good but northbound 95 over at route 1 in woodbridge, you want to watch out for the disabled vehicle sitting in the right lane. i'm have more and marc delays coming up. savings time. i've been combing through the day's daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites to find you deep discounts. we're hitting events around the region this morning. gilt city is giving you 43% off the washington ballet. the company is kicking off its new season of ballets from dracula all the way to cinderella. a big range. 150 bucks gets you one premium orchestra ticket to three shows. you're getting three shows here. break out your fancy hat.
5:41 am
the international gold cup is about a month away. living social has a deal for a reserve tailgating space, three parking passes, six members hill badges and six official cups. it costs a hundred bucks. that is 58% off. it's the world famous steeple chases in virginia. and a ticket to the navy football game against san jose state for just 17 bucks. that's 51% off. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a zeal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. over to andrea and mike. >> thank you, jessica. 5:41. mr. president, you'll like the latest poll numbers. i know you're watching. >> drivers will be asked to take the pledge against texting behind the wheel today at a local safety expo. let's see who's celebrating as we head to break. he hosts the in the actors studio. he's 86 today, james lipton.
5:42 am
dave mccallum is 79. >> he's playing pope alexander, oscar winning actor jeremy irons is 64. former snl member turned late night host jimmy fallon is 38. >> reporter andrea mccarren and producer chris mullen, happy birthday, guys. if it's your birthday, have a great day. well be right back.
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been spping smart, ca gettincash bk on what?d you' gonnaool off fan at hoooound!cut nit you gottget yo cash back,n new acks. usfreedom onunch with ck. everybody t! evebody get! nit you gottget yo cashget chase eedom..
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hello. welcome to 9news now. it's 5:45 this wednesday morning. things are looking much better after last night's storms. >> next few days are going to be fine. chance after shower over the weekend with the next fronts but we'll get a few days at least to dry out and enjoy some very comfortable temperatures. in fact, tonight the outer suburbs, you'll be down to the low to mid-40s. you may need to put the heater
5:46 am
on by midnight or so. let's talk about today. the bus stop forecast, we still have a couple of sprinkles south and east of town. skies will become partly cloudy the next couple of hours with temperatures running in the 50s and 60s this morning. sunrise 6:54. with the breeze and 50s, you'll likely need a jacket for a while. today will be a breezy day, a sunnier day and a cooler day. lunch time temperatures in the upper 60s so, you know, recess, it may be okay running around but if you're going to be outside with the 11 mile an hour breeze and upper 60s just walking you may need a light jacket. 70 at 4:00. high today about 72. at 4:00 -- nats at home at 4, the first of two. looks like a nice evening, a dry evening with lighter winds. showers and storms from yesterday, they're off shore affecting eastern new england, the cape. but around here, the sprinkles that are coming out of the northern neck across southern maryland. these are fairly light. they may make it over to the eastern shore here the next couple of hours, but we're in
5:47 am
much better shape than yesterday. temperatures this morning, mid- 60s easton and the patuxent river naval air station at 64 with 54 in winchester. 56 hagerstown. gaithersburg is 57 while culpeper 61. charlie in catlett, he's 59 this morning with partly cloudy skies. we're 63 with the clouds. on the michael & son weather camera behind me, it is nice and quiet on wisconsin avenue this morning. our winds are north at 15. that's making it feel a little bit cooler and the humidity at 65%. our weather headlines, breezy and cooler today, 72 is going to be the high. tonight 40s and 50s. some low to mid-40s in the outer suburbs. a chill eye night tonight. beautiful tomorrow and friday. a little bit warmer friday than tomorrow. maybe that shower over the weekend. looking at the big picture and the satellite and radar, there's the front from yesterday. the showers and storms moving away from boston this morning. behind it high pressure is going to build in. that won't happen till tonight and tomorrow so today will be breezy and tonight, tomorrow
5:48 am
the winds much, much lighter. highs today in the low 70s with the breeze. partly to mostly sunny. 40s and 350s tonight. about 5 -- and 50s tonight. about 55. tomorrow a great day, 78. friday looks very nice, too. 81. over the weekend we could have a chance for a shower depending whether or not the front comes through later saturday or early sunday. autumn begins saturday morning. the skins game should be okay sunday with a high of 72. it's 5:48. here comes monika samtani smiling. that's a good sign. of course i'm smiling. i'm at work already. if you're planning to head around town and trying to get to work this morning, actually i think you'll be smiling as well because things look fine. no problems out of woodbridge across the occoquan river into springfield. let's take a live look there right now on the northbound side of 95. looking good. just bunching up route 644 as you head for the beltway. we'll go to a live picture from our kevin king right now.
5:49 am
we've been telling but police activity. this is what it looks like on southern avenue near cheese peek. it's closed between chesapeake and wheeler. it's going to be that way throughout this morning's rush hour. so keep that in mind for your travel plans this morning. let's also head over to one more graphic. we want to let you know about some issues going on right now on the marc penn line. delays 30 to 60 minutes because of the storm yesterday it d.c. and bowie. train 403 is canceled. metro will honor your marc tickets. we'll be back with a few more details on traffic at 6:00. first, we have a special extra mile report this morning. today george washington university is hosting a safety expo as part of national preparedness month. daryl darnell, the senior associate vice president of safety and security at gw is here with a preview of today's event. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you, monika. good morning. >> you are asking people to take a pledge. what is that pledge? >> we're asking them to take the no texting and driving pledge. there's a study out that says people are 23 times more likely
5:50 am
to have an accident if they're texting while driving. we'd like to make people aware of that and persuade them not to do that. >> i'm out on the road and i still see a lot of people looking down and texting while they're driving, especially at the red light. tell us about the expo. what are some of the demonstrations and who's going to be involved? >> this is the eighth annual expo in conjunction with national preparedness month. we have over 30 agencies, including the homeland security agency. we're going to be out there giving safety and security tips. we'll be giving away prizes and things like that and lots of free pizza. >> i'm so there. we love food here. did you know that? >> absolutely. >> we have food later today here today. and special guests. >> the secretary of transportation ray lahood as well as the c.e.o. and chairman of at&t randall stevenson will be there. they'll have the simulator there where we can actually
5:51 am
have people get in the simulator and simulate the fecks of driving while texting -- effects of driving while texting. hopefully that will be incentive for them to see what can happen while driving. >> as part of national preparedness, every family is encouraged to have a plan. what are the top three things that you would recommend in having in a safety kit? >> well, if i could take a little professional license, i'll give you four things i think shoe have. i think shoe have a flashlight, extra batteries. typically the power goes out so you want to be able to see and get around. don't use candles. have a flashlight. have extra batteries. if you have any medications, make sure you have the medications intact, water and also an am radio. typical a.m. radios where we'll get information out to you and believe it or not it's probably the oldest technology but it's the best technology during an emergency. >> can we get some of these kits at the hoax poe today? >> you absolutely will be able to get them. the district department of emergency management will be there. they'll be giving out the all
5:52 am
weather radios, absolutely. if you can't get them there, you can e-mail them or call them at 311 and they'll get you one. >> thank you so much. it's from 11:00 to 3:00 today at gw. the weather is going to cooperate. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> back to you guys. free food. >> we like it. thank you, monika. making dmus now at 5:-- making news now at 5:52. funeral services will be held for navy seal glen doherty. he was killed in the attack in benghazi. f.b.i. acts are now in libya investigating the attack alongside local authorities. 350,000 students will be going back to class in chicago today. that's because the teachers strike that kept them out of class for seven days is now over. union delegates voted to end that walkout last knight. they agreed to a new contract deal -- last night. they agreed to a new contract deal. this is the third largest school system. this is a big deal. in campaign 2012, new polls from cbs news show president obama is more likely to win a
5:53 am
second term in office. in virginia and wisconsin, the president's leads are now beyond the margin of error. there is a new report that finds america's obesity especial dependic is only growing. we have one of the authors of that report coming up soon. if you're trying to lose weight or lower your arrive for certain diseases, a local chef is here with his secrets to keeping the flavor while losing calories. jess? >> military families often struggle with their finances. but help is on the way and it's free. i'll tell you all about it at 6:07. you're watching 9news now. good morning.
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i'm in the kitchen with ryan victor, executive chef. he's the food consultant for body tech weight loss and health in rockville. chef ryan is here to show us some of the secrets to losing weight and managing diabetes while still enjoying tasty food. you've never had diabetes. i've never had it but we have a relative that's been diagnosed. you said your father was recently diagnosed so you're helping him eat better. >> eating better and staying healthy is the key to longevity and avoiding a lot of health issues. >> exactly. one thing the diets always say is eat lots of veggies. i'm not a veggie lover but you
5:57 am
say it can be made appealing and appetizing. >> yes. simple techniques using spices and different techniques can help you make vegetables taste good and hopefully what we're going to do here today is show you one technique that can be utilized in many different ways. what we have here is a little bit of olive oil. i have garlic i've chopped up. we'll roast this really quick. we want to get it lightly brown which will add a nice roasted flavor to whatever vegetable you want to use. in this instance we have kale which is this beautiful vegetable right here. i simply wash it first. to clean it you just pull it off just like this. throw it in the pan. >> we have some already done. >> we have it done. we'll season with salt and pepper and put a little bit of water in there and kind of just move this around and that's it. you just want to wilt this as if it was spinach. >> that's the key, too, you're
5:58 am
looking at it as if it were spinach. i have zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower. you have a whole lot of different things. >> also what we have here, we have jicama, a wonderful vegetable. it tastes just like an apple. you can cut it up similar and eat it like that. squeeze a little lime juice on it. another great thing to get your veggies in are root vegetables. we have turnip, can be peeled with a vegetable peeler. they have starch like characteristics so you can fool your body into starching. i just put a little bit of nutmeg and painch of sin -- and a pinch of cinnamon. >> those are key spices to have in your kitchen. >> they're super spices,
5:59 am
relatively inexpensive and taste great. >> we have another look over here. we can still have protein and you have burgers. >> this is some stuff from thunderburger. we have a turkey burger with avocado. this is elk. it's a fantastically lean meat. we've marinaded it with hirschs and mustard seed. seafood piyaya. this is hearts of palm salad and white asparagus with smoked salmon. >> i'm a client at body tech. i missed your demonstration but i understand people were loving it and getting to love vegetables even more. chef ryan, thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> mike, back to you. >> sounds good. any food right now would be great. >> save some for us. welcome to 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm mike hydeck. andrea will join us momentarily. hello, monika. >> nello. howard, the storms are gone. >> we have a few good days coming our way. mike is in fine shape

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